Proofreading Your Japanese Voice Over Script

We do not record scripts that contain ideogram errors.

When you agree to employ our Japanese voice over service, we will offer you proofreading options, which will alert you to script errors.

Our standard procedure is a no-cost script review of the first 2000 Japanese ideograms in your script — equivalent to approximately 5 minutes of Japanese voice over. (If errors are found in the first 2000 ideograms, it is likely there will be errors throughout the script.) We will alert you to the script issues. You can then return the script to your scriptwriter for revisions, or you can use our proofreading/editing service.

If you instruct us to perform further proofreading after the initial free check, the minimum cost is USD 30.00 per hour, then USD 15.00 per half-hour increment.

Complete details about proofreading are stated in the Terms & Conditions statement that you will receive during the project arrangements.

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