Japanese voice talents in Japan who can record voice overs in their home studios in Japan can now be hired for global voice over via Mark Weitzman at http://www.japanesevoiceover.jp.

Male and female Japanese voice over talents in Japan are now offering Japanese voice over services from Japan. The professional Japanese voice over artists are managed by Mark Weitzman, an American voice over talent in Tokyo.

Weitzman has been performing English-language narration and voice over in Japan since 1993. He does voice over for TV and radio commercials, game trailers, business videos, company news and other types of voice over, for use in Japan and for worldwide usage.

“The Japanese voice actors I represent can record voice overs in their own studio facility and send audio files to clients via the internet. I manage all the projects, so clients can tell me about their Japanese voice over project and I will explain the details to the Japanese voice over talents,” Weitzman said.

“In many countries now, freelance voice over talents record in their home studios and provide the audio to the clients. It’s an accepted method of providing freelance voice over,” Weitzman said

“But the Japanese voice casting system is different in Japan. Voice-over projects performed in Japan require the Japanese voice talent to go to a recording studio to do the voice over project. Clients and ad agency executives like to attend the recording sessions. In the recording studio, everything is managed by a director, and professional audio engineers operate the audio console.”

“Due to this procedure for voice over in Japan, Japanese voice talents do not need to have a home recording studio. They always go to a studio,” Weitzman said

“But I have found a few native-Japanese-language male and female professional voice over artists in Japan who do have home studios. These Japanese voice over artists have immediate access to their own home voice booth, which allows me to offer affordable Japanese voice over recorded by native speakers in Japan,” Weitzman said.